Who we are

CAMPA: designer and manufacturer of high-end electric heaters

A story built on technological innovation and design



  • 1 factory in Fismes, France

  • 1 R&D center (1000m2), certified AFNOR ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 17025 - NF performance

  • Present in French and international markets


An innovative company resolutely turned towards the future :

CAMPA is a French company at the forefront of innovation in the design and development of high-end electric heaters, with modern lines and remarkable qualities. Entirely designed and developed in our factories in France, our devices combine design and technology. Each collection reveals radiators that are at the same time innovativesmart and elegantrespectful of the environment, and efficient. In 2014, all our devices received the Origine France Garantie label (OFG BVcert 6020118). Campa received the “Observeur du Design 2015” label and the Janus de l'Industrie label for its Campastyle 3.0 radiators.

It is thanks to a dynamic Research and Development policy and its research center (the largest in Europe in its field) integrated in the heart of the production site that Campa is a leader in its sector. Aware very early on of the importance of innovating in order to provide efficient, sustainable and ever more energy-efficient solutions, the company is constantly increasing the human, material and financial resources devoted to research to improve comfort, design and performance of its devices.

Technological comfort”, such as what Campa offers, has thus made it possible to acquire recognition and visibility which today transcends national borders. Exceptional and noble materials, perfect design, high-performance technologies, Campa stands out as the ideal partner for the most classic as well as the most contemporary and ambitious projects. Through its membership of the Muller Group, Campa also presents itself as an industrial partner of the future for France and Europe, with the development of promising projects within the framework of the energy transition (SETS 2014 project).

The SETS project (Energy storage solution), enabled Campa to be a winner of the Innovation 2030competition, under the aegis of the Ministry of Productive Recovery, Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises, Innovation and Digital Economy.