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Radiant towel warmer radiator with booster fan - Steel facade

The perfect example of Campa know-how: compact, design and powerful, it has all the advantages of a large radiator but is one of the smallest.

Available models :

  • 1200W

Materials and colors adapted to your desires

  • Matière Glossy white du modèle PASEO BAINS
Design workshop by Intuis
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Elegance and compactness for comfort in the bathroom

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A steel facade with softened angles and an invisible blower to combine efficiency and elegance

Campa has developed a unique technology to bring a concentrate of technology into a very compact radiator. It’s the perfect combination between efficiency and technological design. An invisible blower further enhances the efficiency of the radiator

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Comfort and energy savings

In small bathrooms, its radiation brings an immediate feeling of well-being. Managed by an highly accurate regulation, it provides comfort and energy savings

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A fan blower which combines discretion and efficiency

Hidden under the radiator and activated by a disengageable timer, the blower allows a very rapid rise in temperature when needed, when bathing or showering for example. By blowing under the appliance, it allows you to fully feel the heat and distribute it efficiently throughout the room. It also enhances the pleasure of having warm, dry towels.

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Elegance and compactness for comfort in the bathroom

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Compact elegance

Its soft and clean shapes, its towel bar integrated in the facade, its invisible blower, its very compact dimensions (38 cm wide), all combine to make it a unique radiator and solution in small bathrooms

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Tournez, appuyez, c'est réglé

Le principe d’utilisation des appareils a été pensé pour un usage plus simple et un chauffage plus précis dans la salle de bains, pour la rénovation et la construction neuve.

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Technical characteristics

Choose your model

  • 1200W

Aesthetics available

  • Coloris Glossy white produit PASEO BAINS
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  • Pictogramme du boitier de commande Position of the control box
  • Pictogramme du boitier de commande Blower position
  • Pictogramme du boitier de commande
Model 1200W
Total power (W) 1200----
Static power (W) 400----
Blower boost power (W) 800----
Width (MM) 400----
Height (MM) 690----
thickness (MM) 123----
Weight (KG) 10----
Glossy white ISED12BCPB----


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Muller Intuitiv with Netatmo module (White)

Connect your Campa electric heaters in a single move !

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Plug'n play connected module for Campa electric heaters. Thermal intelligence algorithms. Voice and smartphone control, room by room heating schedule to the nearest degree, consumption monitoring… via the Muller Intuitiv App available on the AppStore and Google Play. Learn more at

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Accessory Kit Shunt - Pilot wire for radiator

With this accessory, a single Muller Intuitiv module installed in a Campa 3.0 radiator enables you to manage all the other 3.0 radiators in the accommodation, using existing pilot wire (up to 10 devices).

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Each radiator will be managed independently or room by room, to the nearest degree.