2017 : CAMPA, doubly rewarded by professionals in the health sector.

During the 1st General Assembly of the bathroom 2017, organised jointly by the FNAS (Fédération française des  négociants en appareils sanitaires) and AFISB (Association des industries de la Salle de Bains) - the Campastyle Elite 3.0 towel radiator from CAMPA was named Outstanding bathroom product in the towel radiator category and received the Bronze Award for Outstanding Bathroom Products of the Year 2017, all categories combined.

An elegant, intelligent, efficient, innovative radiator… in tune with the times.

2014 : Campa receives the Eco-design award

On the occasion of the environment and sustainable development day, Campa was rewarded for its EVO project. The award-winning solution is an eco-designed electric heater, with smart features and a new communication system. It was made in a life cycle analysis process and presents reduced environmental impacts on each of its life cycle phases.

2014, Campa receives the Janus industry label

This prize rewards flagship products which constitute a compelling synthesis of functional, technical and aesthetic criteria at the crossroads of economics and human sciences. It is within this complex framework that Campa presented the Campastyle range of heaters.

The jury rendered its verdict by recognizing the qualities of these devices, and by highlighting the features that make them unique: intelligence, efficiency, responsiveness, communication, connectivity and consumption gains while ensuring perfect comfort.

2014 : Campa receives the Observer's Design award

Campa received this distinction for its innovative products with sleek/stylish and refined designs. Organised by the APCI (Agency for the Promotion of Industrial Creation) since 1999, the “Observeur du design®” aims at promoting design to the public and raising awareness about the fact that the design is an essential differentiating factor.

The “Observeur du Design” benefits from the “international competition” label of ICSID / IDA (International Council of Societies of Industrial Design - a Partner of the International Design Alliance), the reference institution in terms of design.

2012 : Campa receives the Chaptal award

The Muller Group, to which Campa belongs, was awarded in 2012 the Chaptal Prize by the SEIN (Society for the Encouragement of National Industry). This award recognizes each year the exemplary journey, the creative and dynamic spirit of a company for its commitment in the field of French industry and know-how.

Founded in 1801 by Napoleon Bonaparte, the SEIN aims to stimulate/enhance the industrial development in France, to encourage technological innovation and promote entrepreneurship.

2014 : Campa wins the 2030 Global Innovation Competition

Campa is the winner of the 2030 World Innovation Competition for its EESS energy storage project. At the end of the competition, (organized by the Ministry of Productive Recovery, Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises, Innovation and Digital Economy), Campa was rewarded for its intelligent solution for storing renewable, intermittent and traditional energies in the form of heat (EESS), due to the particularly strong potential of thermal staroage for the French economy by 2030.