Origine France Garantie, a positive approach

The objective of the Origine France Garantie (OFG) label is to provide consumers with clear information on labeled products (their origin) and the strict conditions necessary for obtaining them. It also makes it possible to promote companies that manufacture in France. Indeed, it is to clarify a confused situation that we encounter with the appellations “made in France”, “designed in France”, which are self-declarative and too imprecise in many respects, that Campa (which manufactures in its factories in France) has undertaken this process to unquestionably validate its commitment, a process carried out by an independent certification body.

The guarantee by producing in France

The Origine France Garantie Label was created in June 2010 following the publication of the Yves Jégo report on the France Brand.

The label, simple and understandable by all, is the result of a collective approach by stakeholders who wish to work together to promote "produce in France" and to promote industrial and artisanal know-how.

Since 2012, Campa has been OFG (Origine France Garantie) certified, a demanding label intended to promote the know-how of French companies and guarantee the traceability of products, which guarantees you "unquestionably, clearly and objectively" (1) that our products are made in France and meet these two conditions:

• Between 50% and 100% of the unit cost price is French

• The product takes its essential characteristics in France

(1) http://www.originfrancegarantie.fr/