An idea, a freehand drawing ... then 3D design

Using a pencil and scribbling the outline of a new device might seem somewhat anachronistic in an all-digital era. And yet, at Campa, this is how it always starts. The hand is the tool, the pencil its direct extension, and the designer’s idea emerges from the line, and often reveals its main characteristics.

Our history has taught us that it is important to take the time to do things well, that this time is never lost, and that it is the essential preliminary step for modelling, which is itself the natural evolution of a project towards its realization.

3D: from project to reality, the sum of all our know-how

Giving life to a project is validating its feasibility from a technical and industrial point of view, as well as taking into account the wishes of the designer(s). Thanks to the three-dimensional modelling, what was only a fixed representation becomes an object that can be manipulated and examined for potential production.

This step makes it possible to establish a model which takes into account aesthetics but also technical requirements to which it will have to submit and, if necessary, adjustments to be considered. The culmination of a Campa project is the fruit of everyone’s know-how, and everyone's know-how makes the richness of our company.

The idea that comfort cannot be reduced to a notion of heat production only

Imagining comfort as a complex phenomenon has always been the driving force behind Campa and the reason why we have constantly been innovating all these years. Producing heat has never been an end in itself. Comfort is also aesthetics, ergonomics, performance, savings, intelligence, digital technology, connectivity… an ideal that we cultivate, an ongoing challenge that we are taking up.

From innovation to “e-novation”, constant rigour without compromise

Research and Development (R&D) has always been a powerful creative engine behind many patented technological innovations and real commercial successes. Imagination, design, scientific and industrial rigour, innovation at Campa is conceived as a complex object with multiple independent and complementary facets.

Design, technology, performance, ergonomics, remote control ... our ambition has always been to design perfect technological solutions capable of meeting real aesthetic expectations.

Campa innovation, yesterday, today, and tomorrow

The Campa research and development (R&D) centre is among the largest and most dynamic in Europe. Design workshops, interactive multi-climatic rooms, mechanical fluid movement studies, standardised resistance tests, all of which are integrated on our production site for perfect efficiency.

Aware of the challenges of the future, the company has significantly increased the human, material and financial resources intended for research and set up partnerships with the public authorities of the Champagne region, the CEA, the CSTB, the EDF research centre and various university scientific centres for several years already.

Perfectly controlled manufacturing process

Mastering the manufacturing processes makes it possible to control all of the key stages of production and to ensure constant quality in the assembly but also in the finishing of the products. If Campa manufactures the core of radiators, which means the different heating elements as well as most of the constituent elements, certain specific components are supplied by our specialist partners in these specific fields.

This choice allows us to concentrate the know-how and to always manufacture the most reliable and efficient devices.

Stringent testing

Campa radiators meet the drastic specifications imposed by French regulations in terms of efficiency and safety. Designed and developed to be the most efficient, they are also the most resistant. Surface shocks, splashing water, overheating, accidental covering, etc. They are tested in the most severe situations in order to remove the "danger" factor from unforeseen daily situations.