1 - A demanding industrial philosophy

The concept of "technological design" describes the will that Campa has always had: a high-end radiator is defined by both the aesthetic qualities of its lines and a remarkable performance. As simple as it may seem, this key idea remains difficult to fulfil, as it requires the knowledge, the means, and the know-how to achieve it.

2 - Materials expertise

Campa’s ambition is not limited to comfort, which in itself is the primary technological objective to be achieved. We are looking at what really makes a difference, that is the enhanced experience through the attention given to the form, through the touch, so that the overall feeling is irresistibly impacted by new, unique sensations.

3 – Technological expertise

Technology plays an essential role. It is the soul of our radiators. Not only does it make them more elegant, but also more efficient whilst achieving energy savings. It is what truly makes them high-end solutions.

To do this, our technology is based on years of study and experimentation carried out by our research and development centre integrated into the heart of our production site

4 – Perpetual creativity

This technological dynamism, which has marked and continues to reflect more than ever the creativity of the company, is reflected each year by the filing of numerous invention patents, both at national and international levels. For Campa, this necessary step forms part of a forward-looking mindset, as it is defined by the necessary requirements for an energy transition by 2030.

5 - A commitment to the future

Aware of these fundamental challenges, the company is investing in the development of sustainable solutions, among which we find what makes Campa today: the combination of design and technology.

As a subsidiary of the Muller Group (specialist in thermal comfort solutions), the company also benefits from additional resources. These will allow Campa to be actively involved in future projects, in which a number of public but also private partners participate.

6 – A recognized and evolving know-how

Finally, because there is nothing more rewarding than earning the respect of peers, the recognition of Campa's experience and know-how is effectively translated by numerous distinctions, both in the field of technological innovation and design. Among the most recent, Campa has been named as a winner of the 2030 Innovation Competition, an innovative project for storing renewable (wind, solar, etc.) and traditional thermal energy.

The future is imagined, the future is being built, Campa is taking part in it today