Exceptional materials,
exclusive shades


A mastered palette of colours and materials.
Elementary, elegant, remarkable/outstanding

The technological design is, for Campa, the commitment and promise to offer exceptional radiators. 
We have developed performant technologies, associated with materials with exceptional thermo-physical and aestetic qualities. Glass panel, natural lava stone, we have exploited these technologically innovative materials to their fullest, so their caracteristics create a permanent and continuous comfort, whilst lowering your energy consumption.


Energy savings and smart comfort
with Muller Intuitiv with Netatmo

Improve your comfort while optimizing your electricity consumption thanks to intelligent electric heaters. Muller Intuitiv algorithms automatically regulate the temperature by synchronizing all the radiators in the same room and analyze the parameters of your home (insulation, open window or activity) to heat only when necessary.

The Muller Intuitiv with Netatmo module provides access to:


Surface, space,
power and solutions

Installing a Campa radiator in your place does not require to know whether technically it is possible or not. Our solutions are made to please everyone, regardless of their needs.
Whatever the surface area, the space available on the wall, in the living rooms, bedrooms or bathroom, we offer various outputs, vertical or horizontal models, extremely thin and even positioned in a corner..
In short, solutions to your needs to satisfy all your desires



A new generation of appliance which combines performance, comfort, energy savings and environment. A new approach which uses the intelligence of smart/connected radiators to visualise and monitor your consumption

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A heating that is more accurate and performant

Always more accurate, more performant and innovative, always closer to your expectations and your comfort, it is the promise Campa makes to its customers by proposing high-end radiators, at the cutting-edge of technology

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Connected and smart radiators.

Connect your Campa radiators in a single step with the module Muller Intuitiv with Netatmo

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New energy saving functions.

Make your life easier, help you make savings, energy saving functions are the answer to meet evolving expectations of users who are concerned by energy transition

Campa collections

Bedroom, living room, bathroom, the Campa design electric radiators are available in various colours, sizes, materials and outputs. Be demanding and let yourself be tempted by the elegance and performance of our products